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Purelight XD Sterilizer

Purelight XD Sterilizer
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Price: $179.99
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Model: XD-UV Sterilizer
Manufacturer: Purelight
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The PURELIGHT UV-Light Wand uses 100% chemical-free UV-C sterilization to sanitize objects and surfaces. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UV-C) is lightning-fast in killing all DNA-based organisms.
Use the PURELIGHT UV-Light Wand for protection against bacteria & viruses including SARS, clostridium.difficile, anthrax, avian bird flu, and hoof and mouth disease.
The UV-Light Wand is setting the new industry standard in convenient portable UV-C sterilization. This guarantees a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria & viruses including dust mites & bed bugs.
The UV-Sterilize Wand can be easily used to sanitize objects like pillows, mattresses, countertops, keyboards and toilet. There are unlimited potential uses for PURELIGHT in households, hospital, healthcare industries, and home.






Product Features:

1. Sterilizer Eliminates 99.9% of dust mites and bacteria in your mattress in 20~30 seconds
2. Sterilize carpets, and sofas that generate lots of dust in 20~30 seconds
3. There is no chemical residue and UV doesn't damage material
4. Bacteria do not develop resistance to UV light
5. Safety filters reduce harm to humans
6. Very convenient to carry anywhere you want to sterilize
7. LED display lets you know the duration of sterilization
8. Sleek design
9. Very easy to use

Five steps to safety
a. During usage the UV light is always directed away from your eyes
b. Special filters give 10 times more protection
c. Filters prevent mercury leakage even if lamp breaks
d. Child safe: To protect children, you must push the switch twice very quickly in order to
    activate the UV lamp. A single push of the switch does not turn the lamp on.
e. Automatic shutoff turns the UV lamp off after 5 minutes to prevent damage

Product comes with consumer protection insurance.


Product Specifications:
PureLight XD [Rechargeable]
20.9(L) X 3.15(W) X 2.36(H) (inches)
Body 1.27(lb), Adaptor 0.35(lb)
6W UV Lamp
Power Supply
12V / 1.0A
Adapter / Charger
Input : 100V~240V / 50~60Hz,
Out : 12V, 1.0A
Battery Operating
MAX 60 minutes - Charging 3 hours
Lamp Life
Area coverage
253.7nm (Ozone free)
1 year Limited


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Purelight XD Sterilizer
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Purelight XD Sterilizer
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Purelight XD Sterilizer
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Purelight XD Sterilizer
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Purelight XD Sterilizer
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